Pro Roof Builders Interlake of Gimli, MB, provides Interlake-area homeowners with high-quality shingle, metal, and cedar-shake shingle roofs. We also provide framing and building additions.

Shingle Roofing

Shingle roofing is economical, easy-to-install, and durable. Shingle roofs are easy to repair and, if maintained properly, can last 35 to 50 years. They take less time and expertise to install, so they are typically more affordable then metal or tile roofs. Fiberglass tends to be the most popular material used today, largely because of its affordability.

Various roofing options at Pro Roofs Interlake

Metal Roofing

We have extensive experience installing metal roofing, which we recommend for homes with flat or steep rooflines. Metal is highly durable, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. We offer metal standing-seam systems, sheet-metal panels and sheet-metal tiles. Each of these types of roofs offers its own unique advantages. All are highly durable, energy-efficient, and easy to maintain.

Cedar-Shake Roofing

Cedar-shake roofing provides a beautiful and long-lasting alternative to other roofing material such as asphalt shingles. Cedar is highly energy-efficient, and offers greater insulation than typical asphalt shingles. It’s also highly weather-resistant, making it ideal for our climate, and easy to maintain.


If you’re considering building a home, garage, or shop, Pro Roof Builders Interlake can provide the framing service. Our experienced teams use high-quality wood or metal materials to suit your needs and budget. When you contact us, please provide as much information as possible so that we can provide an accurate quote.

Building Additions

We have many years of experience in the building business and can help you add onto your existing home, garage, or shop.

Roof Inspections

The roofing experts at Pro Roof Builders Interlake provide thorough roof inspections. We inspect flat roofs, tar-and-gravel roofs, shingle roofs, and metal roofs.

All inspection services are provided by our highly-trained employees, who provide a detailed written report; noting any issues with the roof, including leaks and faulty installation. Inspections can be done for maintenance purposes or to help you evaluate a property prior to purchase.

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