Pro Roof Builders Interlake of Gimli, MB, installs highly durable torch-on roofing for commercial buildings. We also provide roof inspections.

Torch-On Roofing

Torch-on roofing, also called torch-down roofing, is especially effective for flat roofs. Torch-on roofing usually consists of two layers of an asphalt-based material coated with a thermoplastic substance. The bottom layer is fastened to the substrate of the roof with screws and washers. When subjected to the heat of a propane torch, the thermoplastic coating between the two layers melts and the two layers then fuse together.

The greatest advantage of torch-on roofing is the durability of the material. Additional advantages include lower maintenance costs and resistance to ultra-violet rays. Unlike tar-and-gravel roofing, which is also commonly used on flat roofs, torch-on roofing doesn’t require gravel, which makes it lighter and prevents blockage of drains and eaves.

Roof Inspections

The experienced staff at Pro Roof Builders Interlake provides thorough roof inspections. We inspect flat roofs, tar-and-gravel roofs, shingle roofs, and metal roofs.

All inspections are conducted by highly-trained employees, who provide detailed written reports, noting any issues with the roof, including leaks and faulty installation. Inspections can be done for maintenance purposes or to help you evaluate a property prior to purchase.

Various roofing options at Pro Roofs Interlake
Various roofing options at Pro Roofs Interlake
Various roofing options at Pro Roofs Interlake
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